Tamara L. Sheldon

Assistant Professor of Economics

Darla Moore School of Business

University of South Carolina

Tamara.Sheldon at moore.sc.edu

Effectiveness of China’s Plug-in Electric Vehicle Subsidy

with Rubal Dua, Energy Economics (2020)

with Crystal Zhan, Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (2019)

Measuring the Cost-effectiveness of Electric Vehicle Subsidies

with Rubal Dua, Energy Economics (2019)

Demand for Green Refueling Infrastructure

with J.R. DeShazo and Richard T. Carson, Environmental and Resource Economics (2019)

Averting Behavior among Singaporeans during Indonesian Forest Fires

​with Chandini Sankaran, Environmental and Resource Economics (2019)

Assessing the Effectiveness of California's "Replace your Ride”

with Rubal Dua, Energy Policy (2019)

Gasoline Savings from Clean Vehicle Adoption

with Rubal Dua, Energy Policy (2018)

The Impact of Indonesian Forest Fires on Singaporean Pollution and Health

​with Chandini Sankaran, American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings (2017)

How Does the Presence of HOV Lanes Affect Plug-in Electric Vehicle Adoption in California? A Generalized Propensity Score Approach

with J.R. DeShazo, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (2017)

Designing Policy Incentives for Cleaner Technologies: Lessons from California’s Plug-in Electric Vehicle Rebate Program

with J.R. DeShazo and Richard T. Carson, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (2017)

Electric and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Demand: Lessons for an Emerging Market

with J.R. DeShazo and Richard T. Carson, Economic Inquiry (2016)

Asymmetric Effects of the Business Cycle on Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Energy Economics (2017)

Carbon Emissions and Economic Growth: A Replication and Extension

Energy Economics (2019)

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